E-mail & Newsletter Marketing

Opt-in e-mail marketing is advertising through e-mail to an audience that has previously consented to be added to your e-mail list. Since the marketing is permission based, the advertisements are not unsolicited, and generally anticipated and of value to the customers. Examples include monthly newsletters, new product announcements, upcoming events, promotions, etc.

E-mail advertising can economically reach a large, targeted audience; its ubiquity is testament to its effectiveness. It can be used to effectively promote new products and services to existing customers and convert prospects into customers. It is much more economical than any other media, while delivering real, measurable results.

For best results, e-mail marketing should employ a professionally designed, HTML based newsletter. A marketing newsletter, while not strictly a sales pitch, strives to convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers. However, e-mail deliverability is still an issue even for valid marketers, with an e-mail delivery rate of about 60%.

At CI Web Design, we will work with you to develop a newsletter and e-mail marketing campaign that will help you build strong customer relationships and help promote your brand and products.