Custom Web Applications

As companies move key business functions to the web, the choice they face is if to use an off-the-shelf product or build custom web applications that can grow and adapt to their unique needs.


In some cases, ready made applications are the right choice. We won’t ever attempt to re-invent the wheel! If what you need is already there, we’ll most likely know about it, and we’ll be able to advise you what product will best meet your business needs.
However, many times a custom web application that can be tailored to your specific business needs is the best solution. Our development team has extensive experience building robust, scalable and flexible web applications that can grow and adapt to changing business objectives. Our web applications can be seamlessly integrated with your existing business processes and technologies to securely and efficiently communicate and transact with employees, customers and vendors.
Some of the goals and benefits of our web development solutions are:
Automate business processes to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.
Manage employers, customers, suppliers and business partners.
Identify opportunities for cost cutting and for directing resources in the most efficient manner.
Move legacy applications to web or mobile platforms to leverage the benefits
of e-business.
Decrease the total cost of ownership.


At CI Web, our goal is to use technology to help your business run more efficiently. We understand technology and can create almost any application you envision to your direct specifications.


Contact us and see how we can empower you with technology that
will help you achieve your goals.