Intranet / Extranet Design

From small business to large corporations to non-profits, the corporate portal, intranet and extranet have become the de-facto enablers for sharing and communicating effectively within an organization. They also provide organizations with important communication and collaboration tools which support core organizational functions such as inventory control, purchasing, work flow management, human resource management, data management, and operations.

Intranet Development

An Intranet is a private computer network that uses Web technologies to securely share parts of the organization’s information or operational systems with its employees.

Intranets are being used to advance productivity by providing its users with tools such as project management, customer relationship management, on-line training, teleconferencing, sophisticated directories, file sharing, blogs, polls etc.

They help employees communicate better and share information in real time, thus increasing their ability to perform their jobs faster and better even when working from remote locations, while saving costs associated with maintaining and distributing of physical documents such as employee manuals, benefits documents, etc. Intranets also promote a common corporate culture and serve as important communication tools within the organization.

Extranet Development

Extranets are essentially Web-enabled closed-loop networks within an organization. They facilitate effective communication and collaboration with clients, customers and partners.

The extranet allows them to access information, place orders and perform simple online transactions. When properly implemented, an extranet can give corporations, non-profits and businesses of all sizes an edge over the competition, saving them money by streamlining and increasing efficiency.

Corporate Portal Design

A corporate web portal is a framework for integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries. It functions as a single-access point to the entire corporate content database, search facilities, collaboration tools, individual departments, workgroups and project-specific Intranet, online applications and security mechanisms.

This integrated environment acts as a one-stop shop, or ‘gateway,’ for users’ information and system needs. Rather than having to manually gather information from various sources, a corporate portal provides users with everything they need in one central location. They can customize the look and feel of their environment and can choose the specific content and services they prefer, eliminating the need for excessive site navigation.

At CI Web Design, we have the experience and versatility to help your organization successfully develop and deploy the custom portal, Intranet or extranet that you need in order to make your organization more efficient and successful. Our solutions are robust, scalable and can be customized to streamline your company’s traditional business functions while helping cut overhead costs.