Pay per Click Management & Optimization

High rankings in organic search results is an exceptionally valuable achievement. However, with tens of thousands of web sites competing for top spots, getting to the top requires a prolonged and sustained effort.
On the other hand, Pay per click (PPC) enables you to list your site at the top of the search engine results for your preferred keywords immediately, by paying a fee that is determined dynamically through a competitive bidding process.

The higher you bid, the higher your advertisement will be displayed. As you only pay for actual traffic to your website, PPC advertisement can be a cost effective way of driving qualified traffic to your website. Top pay per click search engines include Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Bing.

Setting up and managing a successful PPC campaign requires a sustain effort and on-going optimization. Without effective bid management and ongoing testing of ads and landing pages the traffic will soon become too expensive to deliver a meaningful return on investment.

When properly implemented, PPC campaigns can deliver immediate and incredibly powerful results. It’s no accident that search engine advertising is now the world’s fastest-growing ad market. It works!

At CI Web Design, we can work with you to crunch the numbers and come up with a PPC marketing strategy that is sure to deliver results. We will determine price levels for your ads that will not just increase sales, but also maintain and increase your profitability.