Web Design

Whether you need a polished corporate website design, a strong brand image, or an updated new look, CI Web Design michigan can create the website design you are looking for.

We have designed hundreds of websites for many types of businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500, as well as non-profits, both in the US and internationally.

Central to our development process are the ideas of brand awareness, functionality/usability and interactivity. We believe it is vitally important that your company’s identity and web site appearance be developed carefully and professionally, reflecting your company’s philosophy and highlighting its uniqueness, thus setting you apart from your competition. We also believe that websites should please aesthetically, have straight forward navigation and work to direct visitors to its intended purpose – make a purchase, employ services, access information, provide feedback, etc.

Our 10 step process assures the customer’s involvement at each key step, as well as a timely, on-budget delivery.

Web Design and Success … Step by Step

1. Initial Client Consultation
We start with a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your specific Web site requirements and goals. Following the meeting, you will receive a fixed-price quotation that specifies all costs in an itemized format, or a schedule of our hourly rates and estimated cost for your project. Either way, you’ll have a good idea of the costs before embarking on the project.

2. Engagement Contract
Our services are contracted on a fixed price or hourly basis using our standard contract that includes a specification for each Web site page, a project schedule, confidentiality agreement, payment schedule, and a 30-day warranty/free maintenance period. Contact us for a sample contract.

3. Project Planning
We work with you on a highly interactive basis to understand your business requirements and competition. We help you develop keywords, keyword phrases, and business description at the project’s onset to boost search engine rankings later on. See the sample questionnaire and checklist we provide to help you expedite the process.

4. Domain Name Registration
If you do not already have a domain name, we will obtain one for you and activate it on our hosting server.

5. Proposal
Subject to your requirements and our assessment of competitive Web sites, we design a proposal Web site and obtain your approval before going further. If the proposal is not what you envisioned, we we’ll start again or tweek it until you are absolutely satisfied.

6. Web Page Development
Armed with the approved design and the agreed upon site architecture, we proceed to code all the functionality and put it together. The in-progress site will be made available on the Internet for your inspection of progress.

7. Testing 
Every Web site developed undergoes testing and validation of code on most popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. We encourage customers to participate in the testing process prior to the site going live.

8. Web Site Publishing 
Upon completion of all testing and your final approval, we make the site available to all Internet users by publishing it on the host server.

9. Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing
Search engines can drive more traffic to your Web site than any other source. As part of the website development, we use our web positioning expertise to design your site such that it will rank well when submitted the search engines. In the initial planning we’ll give you suggestions on what to budget for search engines submissions & internet marketing. We are confident we can develop a web marketing plan to suit your needs and also your budget.

10. On-Going Maintenance 
Your site will stay current with your business through one of our Maintenance Packages or alternatively, we’ll train you to perform self-maintenance. We can design your website to be compatible with Adobe’s Contribute or as a CMS driven site, which enables you to update, create and publish content (text, graphics) to your website without knowing HTML.

Contact us today and learn how truly effective our website design and develompent solutions can be.
“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
– Red Adair