What is Cloud Hosting?

A cloud-hosted website or application is stored and is being served not by a single server, but by multiple connected servers (a cloud of servers, in other words). So rather than being limited to a single server like in traditional hosting services, your website or applications now have access to resources across multiple servers. Thus, cloud hosted websites or applications have virtually unlimited processing power, that is scalable on the fly. Moreover, clients pay only for computing power they use, and growing pains are completely eliminated. There will be no need to migrate to dedicated servers as your on-line business expands, and also gone are the days when you needed massive servers to avoid website crashes from a sudden surge in traffic.

Advantages of Cloud hosting or Grid Hosting:


  • Cloud hosting is highly scalable, can be expanded with virtually no limitation
  • Cloud hosting is cost efficient, you pay for what you use
  • Cloud hosting is more reliable, single server crashes will not bring down your website


Why host with us?

When we started our web development business a decade ago, we realized that to effectively manage our clients’ websites and application we needed to have a dedicated hosting platform where we could effectively manage, control and troubleshoot all aspects of the hosting environment. Since then, we hosted close to 100% of our web development clients, from small business websites to large social media websites requiring dedicated servers. By keeping abreast with changing technologies, we made sure that the development tools we have at hand are not being limited by inadequate software from the server side, or incompatibility issues.

Coupled with Adobe’s Coldfusion 9 application server and software, Cloud computing allows us to rapidly build and maintain rich, robust Web 2.0 applications. We are excited to bring this technology to our clients, and have the leverage needed to build applications that take full advantage of it.


Our Coldfusion cloud servers are secured starting from the hardened Kernel all the way up to the application layer before we even turn on the Coldfusion security and provide the most complete protection available for Linux servers, helping us ensure that your hosting environment is compliant with commercial and government security standards.

What kind of applications are ideal for a private cloud?

Private clouds are great for many types of applications including software development and mission critical hosting applications. A great advantage to cloud hosting is for critical uptime measures like with high availability SAAS applications.

Web 2.0 Companies building online services that exploit a network effect can deploy with utility computing to ensure they can scale while still minimizing upfront costs.

We use CA 3Tera AppLogic system operating on the logical structure of the application, while enabling you to package an entire N-tier application into a logical entity and manage it as a single system.

Contact us to find out more about our affordable cloud hosting services and how it can benefit your growing business today.