Flash Development

In many cases, you have one opportunity and just a few seconds to deliver your message effectively and capture new audiences for your business and products through the website. Animations and visual effects, combined with sound effects, music, and interactivity, can speak more than a thousand words.

Dynamic Flash website, banner, presentation or tutorial will engage, dazzle and leave a lasting impression. If properly implemented, it will increase the time the customers spend browsing your website, and their conversion rates. At CI Web Design, we have extensive experience in crafting just the right multimedia experience to create a lasting first impression and help convert site visitors into customers.

Flash Banner Ad Design
Engaging, effective banner ad design is a key element in any online advertising campaign; for a banner ad design to be effective it needs to catch your eye with movement and color, it must inform and engage, while still reflecting the branding of your business.

Flash Online Demos & Flash Tutorials
Well planned online demos drive your sales forward by educating prospects and generating leads. By integrating product demos into your overall marketing strategy, customers gain easy access to product and service information, company messaging, and product features and benefits.

Flash/Html Hybrid Websites
Used effectively, Flash can enhance a website in many ways. It can work to better reflect the uniqueness and quality of a brand or product, to better engage the audience and create a more lasting impression than a static website ever could. However, a poorly designed Flash website will download slowly, will have an increased bounce rate, and will not be properly indexed by search engines. At CI Web Design, we have the experience necessary to use Flash effectively to our clients’ benefit, and to optimize it for flawless performance and search engine friendliness.

Advanced Flash Programming and Rich Internet Applications
Rich Internet applications deliver unique  online experiences that elevate you above the clutter. By using technologies such as Flex, Air and Ajax, CI Web Design can design, build and integrate rich internet applications that are innovative, persuasive and that enable you to manage your customer’s online experience in the best possible way. User-centered RIAs increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, and help companies retain and convert more visitors.

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