Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing traffic to a website by improving the internal factors that influence ranking in search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the cornerstone of any internet marketing campaign or traffic generation effort. Optimizing the website code and architecture to be search engine friendly leads to better rankings and broader search engine visibility which increases traffic and therefore, revenue.

PPC Landing Page SEO

Doing SEO for the PPC campaign landing pages will provide lower costs per click for the same keywords as the ad scores will be higher, giving you better visibility for less cost.

Organic Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Too often sites are designed without any thought of basic search engine optimization elements, and then require a great deal of time and effort to solve their inherent flaws.

At CI Web Design, we realize the value of good rankings, and we’ll develop your website with SEO in mind from the get go. But we will also work with your existing site to bring out its full potential. Site architecture, navigation, content, folders and internal linking are developed using best practice methodology.

Proper search engine optimization is a very complex science requiring years of experimenting to master. URL ranking results can change week-to-week due to changing search engine algorithms or new competition, so maintaining a top organic SEO ranking requires constant monitoring and information rework. Search engine optimization never rests, much like your competition. We have spent the last ten years achieving both high rankings and positive returns for hundreds of SEO clients. We can do the same for you.

Our SEO methodology includes:

Keyword Research

We’ll work together with you to identify the keywords your target audience may use when searching for your products or services. Choosing the right keywords is a crucial step of the optimization process. It will assure the on-line marketing campaign will reach the right audience and generate a high return on investment. At times this involves researching the amount of searches for hundreds of relevant keyword.

Competitive Analysis

As you most likely know, the Internet is an extremely competitive marketplace. Analyzing your competition’s online strengths and weaknesses can reveal opportunities for you. At this stage we identify the competitiveness of our chosen keywords and decide which ones will provide the best ROI for the short and long term.
Website Code Optimization: We optimize the website code, architecture, navigation, tags etc. to be search engine friendly.


Good copywriting will not only help to increase your rankings, but aids in converting your visitors to paying customers. Search engines index new and unique content, which means there is a lot of value in optimizing you web copy. Our professional writers will produce content that delivers a clear marketing message to users, while is also being optimized for the search engines.

Content Analysis, Theme Development

We analyze indexable content (text, images, multimedia) and create themes through grouping of similar content under one directory or through a vertical cross-linking structure to ensure the website ranks well not just for the general website keywords, but also for more targeted keywords. We may create additional pages that are keyword rich and optimized for particular searches.

Link Building

Relevant, high-quality links are one of the most important factors in determining how well a website will rank in the search engines. We employ a wide range of methods and techniques to attract valuable links, and the right links, to build your rankings.

Online Public Relations & Press Release Optimization

Online PR is an efficient and less expensive route than traditional public relations. Online press releases also add SEO value and website optimization benefits by sending traffic and links back to your site. We can help you announce new developments in your company and make the most of the SEO and PR benefits.

Local Search Optimization

A local search typically includes a location modifier on a keyword and is used by customers seeking a business or product in their area. When these types of searches are performed, the search engines will often pull a geographic map of local business listings with important contact and directional information. We will help you optimize your local business listings for these geographically focused searches.

Mobile SEO

With the development and recent improvements of smart phones, mobile search engine usage is increasing in popularity. Optimizing for mobile SEO solicits a unique strategy that facilitates quick and easy viewing of the most important information about your business.

Web Marketing Analytics

Search marketing campaigns should be closely and regularly analyzed. We will set up analytics reporting on your site and then offer professional consultation and recommendations on how to take advantage of the data. We examine all the relevant metrics and data related to your site visitors to determine what keywords and search engines are driving the most traffic, and what changes need to be made to your site to increase relevant traffic and conversions.
We guarantee results.

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